Beet & Path is proud to say that it sprouted from the best place possible: love. Kay Kent, the owner and designer, had the pleasure of designing and illustrating her very first wedding suite for her sister and now husband, Lynzie and Andrew.

Since then it has been a growing love and passion in her life to help couples make their dream day a reality. Beet & Path has now expanded to offering their services for baby announcements, birthdays, engagement parties, showers and generalized events. We are passionate about not only our custom service and ethic but also experiencing new places, cultures and people. This inspires us to try new methods and bring more interesting products to the table for our future customers. We are not afraid to push the boundaries of what people expect and give the stationery industry more personality. The world is our oyster, who says invitations have to be classic and conservative? We don't. We say that being different, being a little crazy, is fantastic!

We are happy to cater to customers who want either the classics or the moderns, but feed our addiction to new and we will deliver.

KAY (Kendall) KENT

Owner/Designer/Entrepreneur/Baker/Money Maker/Hand Shaker/Hip Mama

Kay Kent is a young lady who graduated in 2013  with a degree in design. Print materials are her passion and above all else she dreams of one day focusing all her energy and love on her company, Beet & Path. After completing school she realized that despite what some say, print is not dead. In fact print materials and products are now seen with more revere than before as they have become something of a rarity. She thinks that too many people focus on the web and less on what we can feel and experience. Holding something tangible is being part of it and being present, it's so easy to ignore an email, but it is far harder now to ignore the effort that goes into personalized invitations and design work. She currently resides in Guelph, Ontario with her partner Tyler and their new baby and she is eager to work hard to make you happy!


Tiny Person with Big Imagination/Milk Connoisseur/Beet & Path Mascot/Source of Inspiration/Smile Spreader

Edie Jirik may be a small person but she is a big addition to our team. Though she hasn't been around for very long she has already become integral to Beet & Path as she keeps the feeling of love, happiness and imagination alive. She is Tyler and Kay's pride and joy and she isn't afraid to flaunt it. As a part of our team she does not necessarily take part in the business or hands on design aspect but she does inspire. Seeing someone look at the world with total awe and wonder helps Kay to interpret her surrounding differently and look at her work with a whole new set of eyes.