This coming march I am so excited that I am finally bringing B&P to a couple wedding shows. The first one this coming Sunday is the Dragonfly Wedding Show in Guelph. The Dragonfly Wedding show is apparently a very small, intimate show (around 50 brides attend), but even if one bride likes my work, it will be worth it. I am treating it as a bit of a test run as well, it will be a good size for my first wedding show. Fifty brides will be a very relaxed atmosphere compared to the 500 that I am going to have to deal with at the end of March. I say 'deal' in the nicest of ways, haha, I just mean that it will be a lot... but I am very excited to show them all what i can do, so hopefully it goes well! For my booth I wanted to make something that would hopefully last a long time, something I could use over and over for multiple shows. It is currently under construction (kind of...) and I am getting a  little bit antsy considering it isn't built yet and I have less than a week to pull it all together.

My rough booth plan- a constructed wooden back wall with wall sconces, a cut out sign and a few hanging plants. I also bought some shutters to sit beside the wall for more display space.

It's on sale right now!! Click.

It's on sale right now!! Click.

So as you can see, I am getting a wood back wall constructed that has to be freestanding. It will also need to be two different pieces for transporting. Right now I have everything I need to display in it, the trunks and props. I am just waiting on my printer for the rest of my samples and I have to paint a few things as well as buy some plants. I am also really unsure of what I am going to do for flooring, but I bought that very pretty (and inexpensive) rug, so I may use that.

Generally at shows you are supposed to give away an item as well, so I am doing a raffle on April first for prizes. I will be handing out some raffle tickets, that I printed up, to any bride that signs up for more information and I will be raffling off a few great prizes and discounts like 80 free invitations and 150 dollars off any of my services. 

These are what the raffle tickets look like, I am going to stamp the raffle number in the bottom space of the ticket! There's more info on the back, but you get the jist of things.

Love in many different languages, is still a mysterious thing ;)

I am also giving away some cards in the swag bags at the show. Above is the front of the cards, they are in the process of being printed. Its the word love in 15 different languages, made from water colour and some hand rendered fonts.

As you may have guessed, the second trade show I'm at is the Lovestruck Expo in Toronto. I am really excited for this show as it's going to be way larger than anything I have ever done, and I will finally get to show off my work to a big crowed. I mostly want to see how people respond to me and how I can improve for next time, but I also really want to land a few brides! There are not very many stationers that are displaying either so that is a serious advantage. I am hoping to have around 8 suites for the Dragonfly show and around 15 for Lovestruck. Here is a little sample of one that I am going to have displayed.

Don't mind the pink, that's the bleed.

You will have to see it in person to really understand how it will come together but I am really excited about this one because I am also going to be displaying a cake topper with it, something I would really like to start doing more of. Obviously I love doing the invitations and RSVPs, but I would love to expand a bit and do more additional items and day-of decor for brides as well. I was really inspired by some cake toppers that I saw on pinterest too and really want to get into making paper flowers. Thanks to this guy. Buy it if you love paper and pretty things!

Anyway, enough about my upcoming adventures, check out the shows and grab your tickets if you can!!

Have a great day!
Love, Kay