Introducing our first vendor incentive program! Recently the Beet & Path team has been discussing: What is life without a little friendship? So we decided to gather up our handpicked list of preferred vendors and feature them on our new page "Our Friends." This page can now be accessed in the main navigation menu throughout our site. These vendors are our personal favourites in the industry and we know that they can make all of your wedding dreams come true (and of course.. they make good friends too ;D). So since they are so great and our clients are so great, we sent all our friends a gift (because thats what friends do right?)! These certificates are to be distributed to all of their clients, like you!

All you need to do is contact one of "Our Friends," let them know you would like to work with both of us, and voila- you will receive one of these (above) little guys. So make sure to hit up one of the amazing vendors for your wedding and feel the benefits of having 10% off all Beet & Path services!

AuthorKendall Kent