I can not even begin to describe how excited I am that winter has breathed its last blustery breath (well we hope..). Being at home with a new baby all winter long can make the most self sufficient person go absolutely mad. Now that the weather is looking up and I can go outside and 'smell the roses', metaphorically and actually, I wanted to celebrate! I have decided that each and every season I will start doing a promotion for Beet & Path, so for spring my promo is 10% off when you spend $1000 or more on invitation suites or invitation packages!

Those are some crazy savings right there, you lucky dogs, you! Remember that even if your wedding isn't until 2015, you can book with me now and get this deal. Don't miss out, ORRR you could test your luck and wait to see what next seasons promo is. Hmmm.. What will I do for a promo that will sizzle for summer (so lame).

Have a great day :)

AuthorKendall Kent