Guess what day it is? That's right, it's april first, and that means that we are announcing our raffle draw winners.
Congratulations to the following raffle numbers, can't wait to hear from you!

PLEASE READ: To claim a prize please provide proof of winning number either through scan, or picture. If the top three prizes are not claimed within one weeks time (by april 7th) another draw will commence and all numbers will be put in (even those who have won other prizes) if a previous winner is selected they will be allowed to combine. These prizes can be combined with other deals and promotions that may be currently running. The prizes must be redeemed by April 1st, 2015. Grand prize of free invitations include: 80 free flat printed invitations, envelopes and 3 revisions. RSVPs are not included, any additional items, specialty paper, specialty printing or other misc. finishes will be quoted separately. The third prize of a free additional item will have a value up to 100$ maximum, anything over will be quoted separately.

Winner/ Gagnon!

-Grandprize winner of 80 free invitations (read above for limitations): 10046
-$150 off: 10013
-free additional item (read above for limitations): 10011
-$75 off: 10006,10019
-$50 off: 10027,10032,10003,10037,10040
-$25 off: 10030,10041,10026,10012,10016,10042,10025,10001,10034,10018

So excited to see which lucky brides I get the pleasure of working with!
2015 is going to be a great year.


AuthorKendall Kent