How does the custom design process work?

We have tailored our custom design process to our past clients. Experience has taught us simple ways to make our transaction as smooth and easy as possible. To begin, you will need to contact us via our custom quote forum, or by phone (519.400.4362). Following initial contact I will provide you with a quote and we will decide on the different products and pieces you would like to have included with your order and a proper time line to fit your schedule. After you have answered the essential questions we will construct an inspiration board that I will display to you via pinterest or through email and you will be required to sign a contractual agreement. This way we both have a clear vision of the direction you would like to go, in terms of style, colour and imagery. At the beginning stages of the design we will contact you with a few ideas and see which way you would like to go, we would then create the first draft of the main item in your suite, for example your invitation. You are allotted one major revision and two minor, if you require further revisions additional fees may be required (at an hourly rate of 20$). Once the main element is complete and you are happy, we proceed to create beginning drafts of the extra products. These products can have 2 minor revisions each. Once you are happy with all products as a set, we will proceed to the printing process and either send them off internationally or have them printed locally (depending on the added flourishes & printing method). Once we receive the invitations we can ship them to you, deliver them in person or mail them off to a guest list (depending on what you had requested). 

How far in advance should I contact you/make an order?

As a company our policy is to ensure our clients receive the best possible care so they have, in turn, the best possible experience. This means we can only accept a certain amount of clients per year. To ensure we have the time to accommodate you and your schedule contacting us as soon possible is beneficial. We prefer to be contacted at least 2 months before a suite needs to be mailed out. We do, however, try to accept any new clients that come our way, if you have a short time frame we will be happy to work with you, if the workload is feasible in that time frame. If it is a rush job, an additional fee may need to be added to balance out the overtime that would be necessary.

Do I get to see a proof before the invitations are printed?

We like to keep all of our clients updated throughout the entire process. To keep you happy, we make sure that we give you updated previews throughout. This not only keeps you at ease, as you see the process, but it also helps to guide us in the proper direction. We would never expect a customer to pay us for a product that they aren't allowed to see. If you would like to see your project more or less throughout the creative process, let us know! Custom orders are so called custom for a reason.

Do you cater to international clients?

Yes, we certainly do! We have worked with international clients in the past and will continue to do so. It is important to us to experiment and try new things, what better way to do that then to share in different cultures and traditions!

Are there menus, save the dates, etc that match my invitations?

Any extra pieces can be ordered at the same time as the invitations or later on closer to the wedding date. Keep in mind that our company has certain time periods needed to complete work, we suggest giving us a 4-6 week time frame (this includes 1 week for printing) to finish all extra work. If you know at the time of ordering the invitations that you need work done in the future we suggest taking advantage of one of our bundle promotions. These bundles include various sets of custom products, and are offered at a generally discounted price, they can be found here.

Can you help with invitation wording?

  Yes, of course we can. If you find you are struggling with the right wording for you, or you want an invitation with a little personality we are happy to help. Just let us know when you contact us for a custom quote, and we will help write out your invitation wording at no extra cost.

Are your products eco-friendly?

  Beet & Path loves any opportunity to keep this earth healthy! If you would like to use an earth friendly paper alternative let us know and we will be more than happy to oblige. There are a variety of very interesting or creative paper products that can be used as well, this means an earth friendly product without sacrificing style! Have you considered printing on old material scraps? What about seed paper? Contact us and we can discuss options.

Do you offer your services for just weddings or other types of events?

We are happy to offer our services for not only weddings but also a variety of other types of events. We are happy to now offer custom stationery for birthdays, baby showers, wedding showers, engagement parties, generalized party purposes, and much more. Just specify the event type when contacting us.


What printing methods do you offer? 

We offer a variety of print methods and love trying new things. If you want to print your invitations on old aunt Ethels lace table cloth, let us know!  We are willing to make your vision a reality. Our standard printing methods are flat printing, silkscreening, stamping, and letterpress all on a variety of print materials and paper stocks.

What extra flourishes can I ask for?

  We are always looking for something new and fun to play with, give us a new flourish to gush about and we will love you forever. Recently we have sourced out for a few flourishes that will add so many more oohs and ahhs to your final products. We are currently offering a variety of flourishes including but not limited to: die cuts, scoring, perforations, laser cuts, stamps, wax seals, stickers, scratch and sniffs, scratch off layering. Let your imagination sore and we will deliver, or let us do that for you!

How long does printing take?

  Standard printing only takes around 1-2 weeks however, this is for a basic two sided flat print. Please allow 3 weeks of printing time for any order that has extra flourishes added as well as any order that requires silkscreening, stamping, and letterpress printing. We want to ensure that there is more than enough time for us to out source to international printers as well as giving us enough time to do our own in house printing where necessary. Unfortunately if an issue occurs on the international printers end, such as lost mail, we can not be responsible for products being late.

What types of paper do you print on?

  We print on all different types of not just paper but also material. Our flat printing has the most varying types of printable materials available such as kraft papers, linens, cotton stocks and card stocks. We also offer darker paper stocks that would require white inks.

Can I see samples?

We would love to send you samples, however our regular printers often have different papers and alternating products. This means that if we kept samples, you may pick one that no longer would be available. When you contact us we will see what is currently available and make sure our printer reserves the stocks for you, otherwise if you are picturing something specific we can out source and send this to the printer.

Can I print in more than one type/colour of ink?

Of course you can however, with certain types of printing it will be an additional cost. For example, with letterpress, different plates will be required to be produced for each layer of ink, more plates means higher cost. Otherwise with flat printing multiple colours are completely feasible, flat printing is the most cost-efficient method of printing when it comes to using multiple inks and colouring methods. 


I have a limited budget , will you work within my budget?

Beet & Path is a custom stationery design company and unfortunately custom work and time consumption go hand-in-hand. This means that you will need to provide a reasonable amount for the work that we produce as we often include custom illustration and typography within our designs. We are always willing to make exceptions and talk through a potential set budget. If you are worried you can't afford us, then don't worry! Just include your budget in our custom quote forum and we can work out how much of our time can be dedicated and what products we can provide.

What types of payment do you accept?

Currently we only accept either paypal or email money transfers. If you are willing to meet with us in person we would be able to accept cash or cheque, but we can not accept payment via credit card or debit.

How does the collection process work?

In general we ask for a deposit at the beginning of our adventure together, a deposit when the proof has been approved for final print and then a final payment when you receive the products.

The deposit breakdowns are as follows:

40% at time of contractual signing

40% at time of printing

20% at product delivery

If you are concerned about cost or would like to work out a payment plan don't hesitate to ask.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

  Our company unfortunately can not offer any refunds or exchanges as all our products are final sale. When you as a client approve a product to print you are confirming that it is complete and does not need any changes. If any information on the final design is wrong it is your responsibility to inform us before we send them to the printer. Please review the product thoroughly and ensure that all information is accurately spelled and all times/dates are correct. If information for the products change during the printing stage contact us immediately and we may have a chance of stopping the printing process if the printer hasn't already begun to print, otherwise you will be required to pay an additional cost to print the products again with the corrections.

Do you charge sales tax? 

Yes, the government requires all goods and services in Canada to be taxed at 13%. This includes the mandatory gst and pst taxes. These taxes will be added to the total cost of your products and billed to you in addition to all extra costs throughout the collection process.


How much will shipping cost? 

Due to the fact that we ship to a variety of locations and shipping fees are based on product weight, there are no definitive prices we use for shipping costs. We carefully package your product to avoid any damage along the way, we always suggest purchasing insurance when shipping your product but this is your choice and is completely optional. Beet & Path can not be held responsible for any damage that occurs during the shipping process. We add shipping costs on to orders that require it however, if you are a local customer we have no issue meeting up or delivering the product in person. Shipping receipts will be available to you upon request.

If you take advantage of our offer to include set up, we will be bringing all day-of product with us or if you want us to mail out your invitations for you, shipping costs will only be charged for the service of sending out the suites.

How do I receive my products?

  You will receive your products packaged in an envelope or a box, depending on the nature of the suite most likely via Canada Post, Fedex or UPS. If you are looking for any other types of delivery please contact us.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, to accommodate our international clients we must offer international shipping.
NOTE: Duties and any applicable taxes charged at the border are to be paid by the purchaser and are not the responsibility of Beet & Path.

How long does shipping take? 

Depending on your preference, we can use general shipping which takes 5-7 business days, or we can do rush shipping. International orders may take longer to ship so we ask for 2 weeks of shipping time so that the products arrive on time or early. Rush shipments or priority shipping will be an additional cost, we do not charge any extra fees for shipping, we only add on the fees that we have been charged. Shipping receipts will be available to you upon request.

Still unsure? Don't let your questions go unanswered, contact us for more info! Use the quick contact forum at the right hand side of our website.